San Mauro Mare and Cesenatico

San Mauro Mare

The development of San Mauro Mare as a holiday resort began in the 1950s and reached its peak in the 1970s. Thanks to its fine sand and shallow waters, accessible even to the youngest visitors, San Mauro Mare has established itself over the years as a family holiday destination.

San Mauro Mare is a small town with a lot to offer its visitors, from absolute relaxation to organized street entertainment, from sport to excursions to the sea or to the parks of our wonderful Apennines. All overlooking a clean, safe sea.


Cesenatico, 7 km from San Mauro Mare, was founded in 1302 as the port of the town of Cesena, 14 km from the coast, and has never lost its origins as a fishing village in the heart of the Adriatic Riviera.

The picturesque port-canal, with its colorful sails and the floating museum of the sea that runs through the town, is a testament to this. The canal port was designed in 1502 by Leonardo da Vinci and today attracts the attention of many visitors from all over the world.